How much is not forgiving costing you in your energy, your relationships, your health and your peace of mind?  

Fix Your Life with Forgiveness  

When life is out of balance a number of unpleasant things start to show up which affects our health, wealth and relationships. 

If you’re experiencing:

  • Excessive weight gain/loss 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Depression 
  • Stress & overwhelm  
  • Lack of intimacy  
  • Isolating or withdrawing from friends or partner 
  • Communication challenges  

...this workshop is for you!


  • You have no energy and feel exhausted 
  • Worry has infiltrated your life 
  • You feel like an imposter 
  • You’ve started overeating or drinking and zoning out in front of the TV for mind-numbing entertainment 
  • On the outside everything looks perfect, but on the inside, you’re wondering how you can even survive 
  • You don’t know where to turn for support because you don’t want people to judge you  

When life throws us a curveball and completely throws us off our game, we need to look within and be willing to see clearly what blocks us. 

If we stay blocked too long we suffer in many ways. At times, we don’t know how to get out of it or feel like we have the tools to handle it.  


“I went from having an intense dislike to feel free to open my heart to my mother-in-law in a loving, compassionate way.” - MK-Seattle


Let’s spend a day harnessing the energy of forgiveness and say good-bye to pain and suffering. 

This truly magical workshop offers you the opportunity to learn about Radical Forgiveness and how it differs from traditional forgiveness, and experience it directly for yourself.  

Through several powerful exercises, you can experience the process physically without even telling your story.  

“I feel stronger, more grounded and ready to heal and take what the future holds for me.” - 2017 Workshop Attendee

You can leave feeling a great deal lighter, free from old emotional pain, and have a sense of peace, so you can move forward in life and learn to: 

  • Say NO when your plate is overflowing and you have nothing left to give 
  • Set healthy boundaries 
  • Stop being the “fixer” 
  • Walk away and take care of yourself 
  • Restore balance and harmony in your mind, body and spirit 
  • Release anger and frustration and let go of things you cannot control 
  • Get back on track after you’ve been derailed
  • Re-ignite the passion, love and intimacy in your life  

“It wasn’t obvious to me before today that one of my core beliefs is that my life isn’t safe and that’s been a pattern my whole life. I see it now. Thank you for that gift!” - LK-Redmond


  • Learn how to take the guesswork out of forgiveness 
  • Grasp the various types of forgiveness 
  • A Circle ceremony that helps you heal 14 different areas of your life 
  • Energy activity to explore blocks 
  • Where and how your energy flows when blocked and how to free it up 
  • A 5-Step process to release grudges 
  • Safe collaboration with other like-minds 
  • You will walk away with tools that you can use every day to continue your forgiveness work  

Hello, I’m Brenda Reiss.

I discovered the power of self-forgiveness after personally experiencing abuse, addiction, divorce, major health issues and surgeries.  

This forgiveness process rapidly transformed my life faster and more effectively than any therapy or self-help method I had tried. Learning to release shame and guilt from my past to live in the present. And you can too!  

“I’m beginning to feel compassion for someone I’ve been feeling animosity toward.” - SG-Issaquah

Join me for... 

The Radical Forgiveness Experience Saturday, November 16th Time: 9:30 – 4:00 pm Lunch will be provided $347 - August 24 - September 30 $397 - October 1 - November 14

Space is limited  

Registration closes November 14th, 2019 Tickets are transferable but not refundable 

Register Here

 Hyatt House-Redmond 15785 Bear Creek Pkwy NE Redmond, WA 98052  

Gain more peace within your heart once and for all… 

  • Be in control of opening the forgiveness experience instead of having it open in it’s own timing 
  • Proactively choosing to do forgiveness work, frees your energy for more important things in life 
  • All forgiveness is self-forgiveness, and you are in charge 
  • You can create an extraordinary life by freeing yourself of old chains 
  • Why wait? 
  • What if you could move past your blocks in one afternoon? 
  • Be able to clear the emotional decks before the holidays

The reasons to forgive run deep, you’ll be surprised at the levels of forgiveness you can access and heal  

“Wow…I now see the patterns showing up in my life and have a way to change them.” - 2018 workshop attendee

“I feel much more peace, acceptance and understanding of others in my life.” - TS-Bothell

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